Why Test Drugs?

43% of samples contain at least one unexpected drug. Pills, powders, liquids can be cut with low-quality and potentially toxic ingredients​. This leads to increases in numbers of overdoses and deaths related to recreational drug use. It just makes sense to check or test substances before using them. Drug testing kits, also known and drug checking kits, are kits are meant to detect the presence or purity of your recreational substance. They are part of a larger harm reduction approach to ensure that those who use recreational substances, can do so in an informed manner.

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  • Our Story

    We are a rave seeking, festival going, looking-for-a-good-time group of friends. We were frustrated by the amount of overdoses and harm done by the lack of drug supply screening. We wanted to implement a harm reduction approach to testing recreational substances.

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  • Types Of Kits

    Identification Kits = ​validates your sample has the presence of the drug you are checking for.
    Purity Kits= determines approximate level of purity of your sample​.

    We offer drug test kits for a variety of substances including Cocaine, MDMA, Fentanyl, Ketamine, Benzodiazepines, LSD, GHB, PCP, and more.

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  • What Fans Say

    Our customers like how fast, easy, and accurate our test kits are. They enjoy using our kits on-the-go at raves and festivals as well.

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How To Use Our Kits

Why Our Kits Are Top Rated

Test Your Poison Kits have a number of unique features​:

1. Easy to use, just add sample to pre-filled vial of reagent

2. Get accurate results within seconds

3. Clearly interpret results with colour matching directly on vials

4. Simple disposal, toss vial in garbage, no need for neutralizers 

5. Kits come with 10 tests, perfect for sharing with friends

Why are Drug Testing Kits Important?

1. Safety: First and foremost, drug testing kits (also known as drug checking kits) will help prevent against drug related harm/death by detecting dangerous substances, such as fentanyl or other potent opioids, that may be present in recreational drugs bought from the street. This is why we encourage people to always test their substances with our Fentanyl Test Kit which shows both fentanyl and other potent opioids. This example of drug testing enables people who use drugs to make informed decisions about their drug use and take steps to reduce harm and avoid substances laced with Fentanyl.

2. Quality control: Drug testing kits can also help determine the purity and quality of their drugs. This is important because it informs people who use drugs of possible contamination/adulteration with more harmful substances. Our best-selling kits such as Cocaine Purity Test Kit, Cocaine Cuts Test Kit, and MDMA Purity Test Kit all fall into this category. This information is valuable because it can help make informed decisions about their drug use (i.e. if people still want to use Cocaine if they found out it is of low purity and is laced with other adulterants) and their sources (helps test various sources to see which has higher purity).

3. Education: Drug testing kits are also useful as an educational tool which can inform people about the risks associated with drug use and how to reduce harm. For example, knowing there is a contaminated substance is the first step in making informed choices. Drug testing kits can also help with encouraging dialogue about harm reduction which can lead to a reduction in stigma and promote open and honest conversations about drug use. By increasing awareness, people who use drugs will be knowledgeable about the dangers of contaminated drugs. Through weighing risks and benefits and providing accurate information about the drugs they are using, drug testing kits can help people make more informed decisions about their health.

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