Our Story


We are a rave-seeking, festival-going, looking-for-a-good-time group of friends. We realize that some individuals choose to use recreational substances to enhance or supplement their experiences, and while we do not encourage drug use, we think safety should always come first.


Over the years, we saw people using contaminated/tainted supply for their recreational drugs and its negative consequences. That’s why we decided to team up to start Test Your Poison to give individuals the option to test their supply before use and avoid potential harmful effects. This is a harm reduction strategy that we’ve seen work in other parts of the world and we wanted to bring this to Canada. We designed our drug testing/checking kits to be fast, easy to use, and reliable. We hope this initiative will help prevent harm and save lives.

We chose to name our brand "Test Your Poison" as a nod to the saying “pick your poison” when referring to what substance a person chooses for recreation. It is a cheeky take on a serious topic which we hope will help with continuing the conversation on harm reduction. By being distinctive among other brands, our name effectively captures attention while conveying a clear purpose. Our brand aims to empower individuals without passing judgment. While some people might argue that the name could be perceived negatively, we want to remind those people to consider the target audience and the context in which the brand operates. Test Your Poison aims to provide harm reduction solutions and empower individuals to make safer choices, ultimately reducing the potential risks associated with substance use.


Our team is based in Ontario, Canada, and currently ship our products within North America, as well as to dozens of other countries.

We are committed to giving back to our communities and people in need so 10% of proceeds will go to GiveWell Charities.