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Cocaine Purity Test Kit

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The Test Your Poison Cocaine Purity Kit is a quick test for cocaine that will give you an idea about its purity. With this test you are able to find out whether and how much the cocaine has been cut. Dealers cut cocaine to increase the profit margins. The substances used for cutting are generally harmless but sometimes can include dangerous/harmful substances. As a general guideline, you can say that when there is a high percentage of cocaine present in the sample, you are close to the top source and the use of dangerous adulterants are diminished.


This purity test does not tell you anything about the identity of the substances that were used to cut the sample with. Use the Cocaine Cutting Agents test to determine the substances the cocaine has been cut with.


Test kits Includes:

  • Individual vial with reagent liquid 
  • Instructions with colour chart
  • Spatula


The ten (10) test pack have the individualized tests packed together but they can still be separated and shared with friends.

    Cocaine Purity Test Kit
    Packaging of Cocaine Purity Test Kits
    Instructions of Cocaine Purity Test Kits
    Example of Cocaine Purity Test Kits
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    • Easy to use

      Just add sample to pre-filled vial of reagent

    • Fast

      Get accurate results within seconds

    • Colour matching

      Clearly interpret results with colour matching directly on the vial/instruction sheet

    • Simple disposal

      Toss vial in garbage, no need for neutralizers

    • Great for sharing

      Kits can come with 10 tests, perfect for sharing with friends

    • Worldwide shipping

      Ships all over the world with fast shipping in North America

    • Discreet shipping

      No logos or company names. It'll be our little secret

    • For use on the go

      No need for additional equipment. It comes with everything you need


    How do I use the kit?

    Instructions on performing the test are included with your test kit. We’ve also included them on the product pages. You can also click here to find out more.

    How much of the sample should I use?

    A very small sample is sufficient. In general, your sample should be about 20mg or 1-2 drops.

    My vial looks empty, can I still use it?

    Some of our test kits require very minimal reagent to be effective, while other kits require more. Depending on the kit you buy, there might seem like very little reagent (few drops). Do not worry, as this is intentional. Some kits are designed to have that amount of reagent, and you can still use it.

    How reliable are the tests?

    While reagent testing is the best method for on-the-spot testing, it is never 100% conclusive. There are many variables that can impact what the reaction looks like. Lighting, impurities, and unwanted substances in your sample may all play a role.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 16 reviews
    R. Nice
    Good general QUALITATIVE tool for analysis and assessment

    It took awhile to arrive in CA/USA but this is a good but general tool/test for QUALITATIVE analysis and assessment of the substance. It would be nice if there were a few more, and more distinct colors that divided the test result into more speific and QUANTITATIVE reference samples. The variation between colors of a high cocaine concentration sample and the next bracket down are quite close. The price however makes this test a true value and makes such a test accessible to most interested in analyzing their product.. Best used in concert with the (also reasonably priced) Cut Test.


    The product is great, I wish the stir stick had a small little portioning spoon on one end so that people can easily know the approximate amount to add to the vial. Many scales aren't sensitive enough to measure out 20mg.

    Works perfectly..

    This test kit worked great! Was accurate and fast.💨

    Anonymous Buyer!
    5 STARS!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    5 STARS! THATS IT! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    Amazing and easy to use

    Very easy and explains everything very well make sure you read instructions throughly