Folin Test Kit


Use this Folin test kit to:

  • Differentiate between MDMA, MDA, and MDE
  • Detect piperazines (such as BZP and TFMPP)


The Folin test should only be used after first testing with MarquisMandelin or Mecke (ideally all three). Folin is a good replacement for Simon’s reagent test.


For MDMA: Your sample likely contains MDMA if it yields the corresponding color reaction with MarquisMandelin and Mecke, and turns a pink/salmon color with Folin.
For piperazines: Your sample likely contains a piperazine if it yields no color reaction with MarquisMandelin and Mecke, but turns an orange color with Folin.
Storage: Store the bottles in a freezer, and allow the liquid to thaw before use. This will allow your test kit to last for years. Storing at room temperature isn’t recommended, as the test liquid will degrade within a couple of months.

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