Ketamine Test Kit

Ketamine Test Kit


The Test Your Poison Ketamine Test Kit is a quick identification test that will show the presence of ketamine. With this test you are able to find out whether ketamine is present in your sample. This will help ensure the substance is in fact what you have bought.


This identification test will show the presence of ketamine.


Test Kit Includes:

  • 10 indivudial tests
  • Instructions with colour chart
  • Spatulas

Test kit instructions

  • Knock the unopened ampoule several times against a hard surface, so the granules, which may be sticking to the inside of the ampoule wall, fall downwards.
  • Take the top of the ampoule between the thumb and index finger and snap off the top with the ampoule breaker.
  • Use the spatula to insert the suspect material (approx 20mg) into the ampoule. Make sure the powder does not contain any lumps, as this might influence the results of the test.
  • The plastic lid contains a catalyst pearl which, once the material to be tested is inserted in the ampoule, must be mixed using the round tip of the spatula. Attention! If the ball in the cap sticks against the side, please use a spatula to take it out and, put it in the ampoule and mix it.
  • Use the spatula to stir the solution well for about 10 seconds. Make sure not to leave the spatula in the ampoule because it will melt if left in the ampoule. Let it stand for 5 minutes because the color will darken slowly.
  • Carefully shake the ampoule for 5 seconds to make the color homogeneous. Compare the colour from the reagent with the colour line printed on the ampoule.
  • After use, dispose the ampoules in the trash or glass bin.